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Insider Dining Destinations with President and Co-Chief Development Officer, Rosewood Hotel Group Radha Arora

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts President Radha Arora not only runs one of the top brands in luxury travel, he’s also one of the planet’s most enthusiastic and knowledgeable food connoisseurs. From under-the-radar bistros to Michelin-star restaurants, Arora shares some of his secret spots, go-to establishments, and up-and-coming destinations.

President and Co-Chief Development Officer, Rosewood Hotel Group Radha Arora is one of the most influential people in travel. He’s also a true connoisseur of global cuisine, and in this episode, he speaks with Bruce about some of his favorite dining destinations and go-to spots worldwide.  

Arora begins by giving us an insider’s view on a place he practically considers home: Paris. Rather than the famed Michelin-star establishments, Arora’s first stop in Paris is Le Bon Georges. At this small bistro, with its chalkboard menu and convivial atmosphere, the owners are equally as invested in the quality of their farm-to-table food as they are with making their guests feel like family. Arora also cites the more high-profile Parisian establishment, Girafe, as a favorite, if for no other reason than the views of the Eiffel Tower.

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Hopping over to Italy, in Bergamo, Arora recommends the Michelin three-star restaurant Da Vittorio. Despite its Michelin status, Da Vittorio is completely unpretentious, the kind of place where you might have an appetizer of mini-hot dogs that will be the best you’ve ever had. In Rome, he says the best paccheri pasta is at Trissola. Family owned since 1910, it’s about as authentic a Roman restaurant experience as you can have.

Arora also discusses a recent visit to Crete and coming across a typical Greek taverna called the Blue Door. He goes on to cover everything from the emerging culinary destination of Croatia to the complex multicultural mix that is Hong Kong’s dining scene. Wherever he is, Arora believes a great restaurant isn’t just about being served an amazing meal, it’s about the relationships cultivated with the staff and owners. It’s the entire experience that’s important.  

Arora applies that philosophy throughout the Rosewood portfolio, from Mayakoba in Mexico—led by the dynamic chef Juan Pablo Loza—to London, Paris, Hong Kong, and beyond. He speaks with Bruce about some of the standout dining experiences—including chef-led adventures to destinations far beyond where Rosewood has hotels—that his culinary team has created. Arora also talks about what’s next from Rosewood, including new hotels and resorts in Madrid, Sao Paolo, St. Barths, and more.

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Hosted by: Bruce Wallin

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley & Darra Stone

Music by: Joey Salvia

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