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Born out of a time of social distancing, A Moment of Your Time is a space of artistic expression, collaboration, community and solidarity. Each episode is a short, compelling piece featuring YOU. We may have to stay apart but let’s create together.

A Moment of Your Time

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A Moment of Your Time



We have had a sudden thrust into a world of anxiety, uncertainty and isolation. People are losing work, artistic outlets are being closed or postponed, and we are being asked to stay away from each other at a time when our impulse would be to come together to comfort and support one another.

We are creating a new podcast - A Moment Of Your Time - in order to provide that space. A space of support, comfort, validation and expression. Where every voice matters. And that’s where you come in.

Each episode features one person - you (...that being said, that’s not a hard and fast rule, if you have someone you’d like to share your time with, it’s your time to share). The space is yours to do with what you need.

A statement to make? Make it.
A story to tell? Tell it.
A song to sing? We’ll play it.

An open letter to read? A comedy bit? A place to share your hopes and fears? A poem? A pep-talk to yourself?


We are looking for submissions ASAP!

Our stipulations are few:

  • The underlying theme here is positive. We are in this together. You are welcome to discuss concerns and hardships, but we ask that the lens through which it is viewed is one of solidarity.

  • These are short, compelling moments. They can be 1 minute or up to 5.

  • This is your moment, please use your words (or music). If you are quoting someone, make sure to credit the original source.

What happens from here?

  • Write your piece. (Again, not a hard and fast rule - if you need to send us a recording or a demo or anything else of the sort, please just be clear what you are submitting).

  • Include a quick intro for yourself and how you came across this submission call.

  • Email it to

  • We cannot guarantee that we will be able to produce every piece, but we guarantee we will read, appreciate and respond to every submission that comes in (please know this could take some time).

  • If your piece is selected, we will work with you to find the best way to record you. (Remote recording is an option if an in person recording is not).

  • These are your words, we’d love for you to be the one to say them. However, again, this is your moment. If you would like to opt to submit your words and have us read them, we are open to working with you on that.


It’s open ended, we know. If you want to reach out to throw around ideas, we are available. If you want to submit 20 different pieces in 20 different styles, go for it. We may have to stay apart, but let’s create together.