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A Moment of Your Time is a space of artistic expression, collaboration, community and solidarity. Each episode is a short, compelling piece featuring YOU. 

A Moment of Your Time

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A Moment of Your Time

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CurtCo Media’s A Moment of Your Time was created to provide a space for expression. This is a place for voices to be heard, to be inspired by creative work, and to be a part of a supportive community


With the underlying theme of solidarity mixed with a celebration of individuality, each episode of the podcast features a contributor sharing a piece of themselves. That is where you come in. 


The space is yours to do with what you need. Tell a story, read your poetry, share a song you’ve written, perform an original monologue, share some laughter, share some tears, give a pep-talk, read an open letter…


Your voice matters. Submit your piece!


Our stipulations are few:

  • The underlying theme here is positive. We are in this together. You are welcome to discuss concerns and hardships, but we ask that the lens through which it is viewed is one of solidarity and hope. 

  • These are short, compelling moments. They should be approximately 1 to 5 minutes in length. 

  • Pieces must be original. This is your moment, please use your words (or music). If you are quoting someone, make sure to credit the original source.


What happens from here?

  • Write and/or record your piece (audio not video). 

  • Email it to (or click the link below)

  • In the email, include a quick intro for yourself and how you came across this submission call.

  • If your piece is selected and you cannot record yourself, we will work with you to find the best way to record you.

  • These are your words, we’d love for you to be the one to say them. However, again, this is your moment. If you would like to opt to submit your words and have us read them, we are open to working with you on that.


Tips on recording:

  • If you do not have professional equipment, record on what is available to you (phone voice memos work!)

  • Make sure to be in a quiet place with little reverb/echo (for example, closets are best as the clothes dampen the sound; bathrooms are worst with all the reflective surfaces)

  • Stay close to the recording device. The further away you are, the hollower it will sound. 

  • Avoid excess movement, scratching, stomping - anything that could interfere with the audio. 


Thats it! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the email provided. We are happy to help!


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Are your ears craving more? Listen to the entire A Moment of Your Time song, and check out more of our original podcast music from

Chris Porter!

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A Moment of Your Time is an original concept created by Jenny Curtis

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