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We're honored to be working with these amazing composers to create original music for our podcasts!

Check our their work below!

Celleste and Eric Dick

Celleste's Newest Song and Video


The song and video for “We Go On (California Strong)” were conceived and created by singer, songwriter and filmmaker Celleste along with her partner, co-writer and music producer Eric Dick with a single goal in mind: to raise money to benefit rebuilding efforts across California after the devastating wildfires of the past two years. To do this, the two partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles to create the WeGoOn fund. All proceeds donated to the fund, as well as sales of the song, will benefit Habitat for Humanity's work across California, with the specific goal of rebuilding lives, and communities lost or severely damaged by wildfires and natural disasters.

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Celleste and Eric Dick!

Chris Porter

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