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When Last I Left

When Last I Left is an improvisational storytelling comedy podcast about… well, that’s up to you! We won’t know until you tell us—so make it good!

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When Last I Left is an improvisational storytelling comedy podcast about… well, that’s up to you! We won’t know until you tell us—so make it good! Navigating through listener-submitted plot points and rules, Jenny Curtis, Chris Porter, Micky Shiloah, and Kuali'i Wittman have to make up a story on the spot that begins with a small social faux pas and ends in a major cataclysmic event. Laugh with them or at them while they desperately try to keep the narrative on track as it inevitably spins wildly out of their control! Oh, and there will be goats. Still don’t understand what’s going on? That’s okay. Neither do they...


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Meet Our Hosts


Chris Porter is a host on When Last I Left. He is a Los Angeles-based writer, award-winning composer, and sound designer of concert works, film, theater, and immersive events that have been seen, heard, and experienced around the world ( If he hadn’t helped come up with the idea for this show, he probably wouldn’t have been invited to join. But he did, so everyone felt pressured to include him.


Jenny Curtis is the best host on When Last I Left. She does a whole bunch of things in and behind the scenes. If you really want to know, check out her website, IMDB, or LinkedIn. It will show you that she does things such as act, write, and produce in the realms of film, TV, theater, animation, digital media, and wherever else you can make creative stuff come to life. Oh, like podcasts! Most importantly, she hates writing bios. This is probably not how she’s going to leave this…unless it is, which is why you are seeing it now. So for now, that’s all you need to know. Thank you to Chelsea for always being my rock. 

Micky Shiloah is a better host than Jenny on When Last I Left. Like a true New Yorker, Micky wants you to know that he was born and raised there, in New York—New York City—the place where he was born and raised. Trailblazer that he is, Micky moved to LA to be in showbiz. He hopes others will follow suit because there is an actor shortage in this town. Micky somehow convinced actual humans to put him on TV shows like Westworld, NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and ABC’s Mistresses. #NoOneCares. While you're checking Jenny's IMDB, you might as well stop by Micky's page and see what he's up to! And then go check out Kua's. And then go fall in a YouTube hole. Because that's where any internet search leads. When Micky isn't improvising on this lovely podcast, he's improvising with Kua in their troupe LPNSImprov’s The MaD JaCKRaTS. That, or teaching talented teens to improvise. Did you know he does improv? He also likes to write pop songs and eat grits because they're easy on the stomach. Did he mention he's from New York City?!


Kuali’i Wittman is, without a doubt, the most bestest host on When Last I Left. Kuali’i has been a great many things in his life thus far: gangster, soldier, prison guard, cook, drug-addicted street bum, cop, bodyguard, surfing sage, and a god of war. He is also an actor and improv performer so none of that is technically true. But it kind of is. So BOOM! Kuali’i was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. He’s very proud of his blah, blah, blah. Here’s the juice: Improvising is tons of fun and even more so with friends who you respect and adore, and Kuali’i is beyond stoked to share the mic with these talented nut-jobs to make you laugh through yet another mindless commute to Urth Cafe.

Chance Welch is a co-creator of When Last I Left and he meticulously sorts through all the audience submissions so the hosts can screw them up. In his spare time, he’s a screenwriter as well as a disc jockey and reporter for KCHUNG 1630 AM radio. Also he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013.


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