Cars That Matter

Join host Robert Ross and his guests as we take a drive along a very exclusive road. Whatever the car, it’s guaranteed to be one that matters.

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Since 1989, Robert Ross has been writing about art, design, audio, motorcycles, and especially cars—new and old. A lifelong enthusiast, Ross enjoys a few machines of his own—both contemporary and classic—but he especially values the people he’s met, and of course, the countless vehicles entrusted to him along the way. He has contributed stories to Robb Report magazine since 2001 and consults with companies in a diverse range of luxury segments. Ross is a native of Los Angeles, where he lives, works, and drives. A variety of interests beyond cars and bikes keep him busy, with collections that include tribal art, music, and lunatic-fringe audio gear. However, a passion for 15th century Old Master prints eclipses all others.

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