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Episode 211 - “How Do You Say Goodbye?” by Elizabeth Cuite

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Saying goodbye.

Elizabeth Cuite, 16, is a junior in high school. She began playing the ukulele when she was 5 and picked up the guitar when she was 8. She wrote her first song when she was 10 and at 11 she performed at a singer/songwriter session at NYC's The Bitter End. Elizabeth loves playing music and has been performing with her brother and friends for many years. Prior to the pandemic she loved going to local open mic nights and sharing her music. She loves to read and is inspired to tell stories through song. She writes about events and experiences in her own life as well as things she hears from friends or learns about through the news and books. Elizabeth has performed in benefit concerts for Scenic Hudson, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease and recently in a zoom concert for COVID relief. She has two brothers and lives with her family in a tiny hamlet on the Hudson River. She attends high school in NYC. She loves the theater and dance. Elizabeth’s song “Angel” was recently a finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards, and she is a member of ISSA (International Singer Songwriters Association) and NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International).

Find more of Elizabeth:

Lyrics and music by Elizabeth Cuite

Produced by Elizabeth Cuite and Jonathon Mildner

Pianist Jonathon Mildner

Recorded at Full Circle Studios of the Hudson Valley

This song was written in 2019 about 9 months after the death of Elizabeth's grandfather Thomas Cuite on November 6, 2018.



Created during a time of quarantine in the global Coronavirus pandemic, A Moment Of Your Time’s mission is to provide a space for expression, collaboration, community and solidarity. In this time of isolation, we may have to be apart but let’s create together. 

Concept by Jenny Curtis

Theme music by Chris Porter

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