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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 219 - “You Are Not Alone”

by Sofia Castellanos

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There for you.

Sofia Castellanos, singer and actress loves expressing herself through the arts. Sofia is currently the lead character in the online independent film, The Tower. She is also providing voice-over talent for Undertale, an internet series. Past credits include work with Morph Images (Promo/Commercial,) The Virtual Performers (Broadway Cabaret), Grammy-winning Apollo’s Fire Orchestra Youth Chorus, and Hathaway Brown Theater Institute (Working The Musical, Dolores.) Sofia is currently a member of the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Chorus. Besides her love of performing, Sofia enjoys writing, gymnastics, spending time with family. She is based in Ohio, USA.

Find more of Sofia:

Instagram: @Sofia_c0824

A statement from Sofia:

"This piece was created during the COVID Pandemic to inspire and encourage our healthcare workers, and those who are struggling during these times. Do what you love and be who you are. Work hard towards your goals. You will get there."

Piano and Harmony Vocals: Amanda Powell



Created during a time of quarantine in the global Coronavirus pandemic, A Moment Of Your Time’s mission is to provide a space for expression, collaboration, community and solidarity. In this time of isolation, we may have to be apart but let’s create together. 

Concept by Jenny Curtis

Theme music by Chris Porter

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