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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 143 - “Synchronicity ”

by Joanna Tine

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Her own journey.

Joanna Tine is an eccentric Polish girl roaming this eclectic zealous world. Actress, writer, counselor. Currently based in South Carolina. 

Find more of Joanna: 

Instagram: @JoannaNTine

Facebook: joanna.n.tine

A statement from Joanna: 

"As a 28 year old single professional, sometimes it's difficult to keep following your dreams in this big, bustling world. And so I thought about all of us singles out here, quarantining alone, and wrote down a fire I hope to spark back in our hearts."



Created during a time of quarantine in the global Coronavirus pandemic, A Moment Of Your Time’s mission is to provide a space for expression, collaboration, community and solidarity. In this time of isolation, we may have to be apart but let’s create together. 

Concept by Jenny Curtis

Theme music by Chris Porter

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