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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 174  - “Bra Liberation”

by Preeti Bone


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A new freedom.

I am an established Human Resource Professional for 20 years with a passion in training, succession planning and employee development. My love has always been to express myself freely. Born in India and raised in the United States, I have walked through a liberal world, while holding onto my rich Indian culture. I love to share my thoughts through poetry, freelance writing, while taking on acting roles, or just playing pretend with my kids. I am a mother to a loving and animated 13 year old son and a caring and thoughtful 10 year old daughter. I create the world I want to live in everyday and make the most of every moment.

This piece was created as a women's liberation piece. In a world where we are all trying to find ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin I have been inspired to live my life in my comfort without judgements. I do not confine myself to constraints within my body or within society.



Created during a time of quarantine in the global Coronavirus pandemic, A Moment Of Your Time’s mission is to provide a space for expression, collaboration, community and solidarity. In this time of isolation, we may have to be apart but let’s create together. 

Concept by Jenny Curtis

Theme music by Chris Porter

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