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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 23 - "Unicorn Land” by

Georgie Curtis

AMOYT IG 23 Georgie.png

A conversation with the leading expert on Unicorn Land.

Georgiana “Georgie” Curtis, four years old, was born and raised in New York, New York. She is currently riding out the current crisis in Big Sky Montana. Recently her parents discovered her staring directly into the sun with her eyes closed—when asked why she was doing this, she replied “this is how I can see what is going on in Unicorn Land right now”. In addition to being the foremost authority on Unicorn land, Georgiana serves as an amazing big sister to her brother Gordon…who respects her interest in all things unicorn, but prefers trucks and dinosaurs. 

Her adventures can be seen on her father's instagram account: @thatwasdelightful

This piece was created because now more than ever, we need to remember that unicorn land is there for us if we want it to be.

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