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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 24 - “Midnight” by Harley Ware

AMOYT IG 24 Harley.png

A song in the dark. 

A statement from Harley: 

"The piece was created in March, during the panic leading up to the quarantine, but it also draws from the therapeutic process of working on mental health and unravelling parts of oneself from the recovery of memory tucked away by childhood trauma we didn't know existed. Whether it be domestic, cultural, or caused by peers, we all suppressed innocent beliefs for the sake of survival, which have turned into habit or ritual that keep us from being more understanding people, for the sake of a subconscious ease of mind. If we're convinced life is already all it can be, we lose our ability to dream of something better, outside the confines of our perceptive realities. The song is a cry to myself as a reminder to allow the change into my life, and to recognize that what once worked, might only be crippling me from moving forward."

Harley Ware has worked through many professions, as an actor, in production for fashion and film, a technologies manager at an experiential tech company, but ultimately came to writing as a way of dealing with past trauma. Over the last year, Harley has started performing his music at venues in NYC and LA, as he works on a science fiction book series. 

Harley is currently based in California. 

Instagram: @harleyware

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