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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 26 - "Quaran-SING" by

Faith Hochgesang

AMOYT IG 26 Faith.png

A sonnet, a song. 

A Statement from Faith:

"The piece was created on April 11, 2020 for a school project that was open ended with a creative interpretation (music, dance, etc.) of the original sonnet structure following iambic pentameter. My interpretation included a combination of my strengths: creatively writing the piece, composing it on the piano, making a singing melody, and comedically acting in a sort of music video found on my Instagram. I am sharing this piece now because of its relevance to the time, a time that is very unique, and will hopefully never be relevant again."

Faith Hochgesang is a 15 year old singer, actress, and creative writer based in California. 

Find more of Faith: 

Instagram: @faithhochgesang 


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