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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 27 - “A Constellation of Precious Gems” by Nefertiti DiCosmo

AMOYT IG 27 Nefertiti.png

Seeking to know my soul. 

A statement from Nefertiti: 

"I am sharing this piece now because I recently read the book "Little Fires Everywhere" by Celete Ng. A story about photographic artist. It hit me that as an artist I need to be willing to put my out there, to look silly; for to produce art you must to bare your soul. You have to be vulnerable even when you know not everyone will like it, not everyone will understand."  

Nefertiti DiCosmo is a poetic blogger based in Indiana. She is a poet who also works as a life scientist for the federal government.


Instagram: @ndicosmo

Twitter: @nefe711

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