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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 38 - "Broken Vessels"

by Ellen Birkett Morris

AMOYT IG 38 Ellen.png

Celebrating beauty in imperfection. 

A statement from Ellen:
“Broken Vessels was an exploration of the idea that things are both broken and beautiful at the same time and that our capacity to see this beauty enriches our life. I think this idea resonates now because of Covid-19. None of us are living the lives we expected to live right now, but we are still able to experience beauty and connection in less than ideal circumstances.”

Broken Vessels first appeared in The Binnacle in 2018. 

Ellen Birkett Morris is the author of Surrender, a chapbook, and Lost Girls, a short story collection forthcoming in June 26, 2020. Her poetry has appeared in The Clackamas Literary Review, Juked, Gastronomica, and Inscape, among other journals.  Morris won top prize in the 2008 Binnacle Ultra-Short Edition and was a finalist for the 2019 Rita Dove Poetry Prize. She is based in Louisville, KY.

Find more of Ellen: 
Instagram: @ellenbirkettmorris

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