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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 40 - "500 miles to go..."

by Grace Leneghan

AMOYT IG 40 Grace.png

A journey into a family bond. 

A Statement from Grace:

I created this piece as an exercise given to me by my mentor Marissa Chibas on How to Tell A Mythic Story. As Marissa says, "This is a moment calling for the greatest stories our imaginations and souls can muster". As an actor, I gravitate towards personal story-telling. When I reflected on my experience on the Camino de Santiago, I realized I learned so much about my own strength and the beauty of my relationships with my mother and sister that I wanted to share this with the world.

Thank you mom, Mary, and Marissa!

Grace is currently getting her MFA in Acting at CalArts. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and is a professional Irish dancer.

Instagram: grace_leneghan

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