Episode 42 - "Make Today Matter"

by Anthea Pretorius

Insights gathered from time in a pandemic.

Anthea Pretorius was born into a family of storytellers. She is inspired by nature and wildlife; by silence and music; by art and architecture; by misty days, rainy nights, myths, movies and the Milky Way.

Her creative writing appears in various anthologies and magazines. 

Two of her poems were published in the 2017 AVBOB National Poetry Competition and one also appears in a special edition of Stanzas (2018). 

Her first poetry collection - Haiku from the Tip of Africa -  was published by Naledi (South Africa) in October 2019. http://naledi.online/product/haiku-tip-africa/#comments

Anthea holds a Master’s degree in Publishing. At the University of Pretoria, in South Africa, she produces a range of undergraduate brochures and other information products and she is the Editor of the JuniorTukkie Magazine. (www.up.ac.za)

Anthea is the Creative Writing Editor for the English Academy Review.

She currently resides in Pretoria (Tshwane), South Africa. 

Instagram: @withanthea

A statement from Anthea:

“The recording I submitted was created over the past weekend and is my reflection on the pandemic and what we can do as individuals to not only survive, but to thrive despite present and future circumstances – but to also prepare ourselves to be of service in the aftermath. I am sharing my thoughts in the hope that others will derive hope, encouragement and inspiration from my words and that together we will bravely soldier on.”

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