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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 47 - "Almost Memorial Day"

by Stan Mayer

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Remembering Mike. 

A Statement From Stan: 

“War can feel like a foreign concept, even though we talk about it all the time. I like to help people see it from a more granular and sometimes microscopic perspective. By participating in these conversations, the pain of war can be transformed into healing within the collective heart of our community. This is everything.”

Stan Mayer is a playwright and loves to tell stories about the friends he lost over a decade of combat in two different wars. Stan and Cecilia Fairchild co-wrote Mama Mama Can’t You See, a play that takes place inside the explosion that killed four of his friends, where time doesn’t count and love heals wounds. The play is directed by A Moment of Your Time contributor Zach Davidson, produced by Coin and Ghost, and will open in Los Angeles as soon as coronavirus permits us to. He is based in Los Angeles, CA

Find More of Stan: 

Instagram: @stoshactual

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