Episode 48 - "I’ll Be With You"

by Stephanie Ault

Reaching out with a song.  

Stephanie Ault is a singer-songwriter residing in Denver, CO. She has released two EP's under her own label and is currently working on her third EP.

Find more of Stephanie: 

Website - https://www.stephanieault.com/

Bandcamp - https://stephanieault.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-ault

Facebook/Instagram - @StephanieAultMusic


A statement from Stephanie:

"I wrote "I'll Be With You" at the end of March when a lot of the stay at home orders came into effect and businesses had to close. I really needed to write this song as a release and as a way of telling my friends and family that I was still here and that I loved them. I want to share this song because music is powerful and I think it could heal or touch someone and help them to feel understood."

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