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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 05 - "Observations"

by Julia Henning

AMOYT IG 5 Julia.png

A few moments of observation.

Julia Henning wears many hats as an actor and creator. Having made a name for herself in the Los Angeles immersive theatre community, Henning founded and creatively directs The Halogen Company, an immersive and interactive based theater company centered on breaking down the human condition and making the mundane strange again. Her work in voice-over reached the masses last year with spots in podcasts like QCode Media's Blackout, The Edge of Sleep, and the soon to be released, Borrasca. Henning is spending most of her time producing a feature film she wrote and will be starring in set to film next year entitled Slacks, and is currently producing and directing a multi-month immersive experience with The Halogen Company entitled A Sea of Odds. You can also catch more of her thoughts in her writing with her blog Documented Explorations of the Chaotic Mind. A true lover of human nature, Julia is grateful to be friends with the creators of A Moment of Your Time and hopes that by sharing a moment of her time that you feel seen, heard, and maybe even a little inspired.

Feel free to check out for upcoming production information and dive into for more thoughts and experiences!

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