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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 53 - "Inspiring the World”

by Sonam Sharma

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A liberation of the soul.

A statement from Sonam:

“ ‘Life is not just about passing storms, it's also about dancing in the rain!’

I never thought a global crisis could introduce me to a new side of me that I am so excited to meet and create with. I have been discovering parts of me I never knew existed; from art to poetry, from enhancing my self shooting/ filming & editing abilities with minimal resources to understanding what creative 'flow' really means. It's when we feel deeply, truthfully moved by something, some occurrence -could be an event, a person, a trigger, anything, that a magical energy seems to engulf us with a new found passion for 'living', for 'creating', for 'co-creating' and 'connecting' with our world, that we end up becoming instruments of its message. 

What could be more gratifying, more fulfilling than knowing the happiness we chase, the passions we live for, every thing that motivates us, inspires us, allows us to flourish, grow and reach out - lives within us already...ready to be unraveled!” 

Sonam Sharma has worked in numerous creative fields, ranging from Copy writing to Acting,  Graphic Design to Art with a background in Design & I.T. from England and English Literature from Delhi University, India. She is based in New Delhi, India. 

Sonam has been working as an actor for stage and camera for over 7 years now ( Apart from theatre and shorts, she has appeared on a TV show, a super hit web series, ads, viral web  videos & music videos. She has also worked in two Nollywood films, a short for NYU Tisch School of Arts, an Indo-Russian short and many more interesting projects being showcased at  prominent festivals around the world. Most recently, she can be seen on Excel Entertainments’  web series ‘Made in Heaven’ (directed by Zoya Akhtar) on Amazon Prime. Her body of acting/  modeling work also includes names such as National Geographic, World Book of Beauties (Canada), Singapore Tourism (Sentosa), Brazilian Teenage Mag ‘Bliss’, Top shop, Debenhams, NDTV Prime, BSNL, Nissan Datsun, UNICEF, Canon India etc.. She has appeared in  magazines and prints internationally and was also voted as the ‘Sexiest Woman of the Month  (Global)’ by an online Australian Magazine in the year  2013.

Sonam is also the recipient of the Asdan Youth Achievement Award for her creative contribution  with a Yorkshire based International Charitable Organization (2008, UK). She was acknowledged  for her creative writing skills in the British Vogue Young Writers’ Contest (2008) and won multiple academic bursaries to further her creative ambitions in the UK. Sonam is a certified  learning facilitator for the differently-abled and was also one of the 20 women handpicked from  India (2016) to be recognized for her contribution toward women empowerment (through arts  as a medium) at the prestigious 'Women in the World' summit held in association with New York Times. A daring entrepreneur, she is the co-founder of a Delhi based Digital Marketing  Company and a Consultant to an interesting portfolio of SME clients. Specializing in Creative  Social Media Strategy, Copy writing, and Branding, Sonam has made noteworthy contributions  in many Brand Building/ Brand Management/ ORM/ Digital Marketing Activations for companies  like Microsoft, EMC, Apollo Tyres etc. as part of her advertising/ marketing career.

Find more of Sonam:

Facebook: Sonamm Sharma (Zaffarah), SozartCreative (Sonam's Sketch Art)

Instagram: @zaffarah

Twitter: @inSONAMiac

LinkedIn: Sonamm Sharma

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