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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 54 - “Stoop Kid (For the Language of My Childhood)” by Rhikki Asahi Cook

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The language and rhythm of a community.

Rhikki Asahi Cook is a writer and actress based out of California. With a deep connection and admiration for the arts since childhood, she finds the mediums of poetry, short story, and the stage beautiful places to cultivate connection, understanding, and joy through conversations of both strength and vulnerability.


This piece was written a year ago during a creative writing class while, ironically, avoiding the actual assignment. It was inspired by a moment of nostalgia for conversations she had with friends and family, looking back at her childhood growing up being nosy, and the very specific vibe of summers in her neighborhoods. This poem was written to be read out loud, to be performed, to dance to, to laugh to, and to share. It was written with a smile and hopes to inspire more.

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