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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 58 - “Tempête Passionnelle”

by Keven Grenon

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The language of music. 

Kev G is a musician and composer based in Quebec, Canada. 

He created this piece to inspire others and make people travel through music. 

Find more of Keven: 

Instagram: @tobby2468

Soundcloud -

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A statement from Keven: 

“I always was a loner. When I was going to elementary school, making friends was hard. I was anxious and sensitive. I had a really difficult time focusing in class as I was constantly day-dreaming. Elementary school was really not where I was comfortable. My mom bought me a toy keyboard when I was in first grade and that was the starting point. We didn't have much at the time - This keyboard was all I really had to play with. Towards my last year in elementary school (in 6th grade), I was totally exhausted and I could see my grades getting low. My mother and I would always argue because school and discipline wasn't working. I went to go live with my dad. With my dad, school wasn't going even remotely better. However, my dad always believed in me and saw how creative I was. He supported me where my talents were because he wanted me to flourish. He bought me this piano while I was in second grade of secondary school. However, school was just going worse.


In secondary 3, I failed. I had to do this entire year all over again. I felt good at nothing, depressed, stupid and different without knowing why. It's at this time that I had a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder and general anxiety disorder. This diagnosis changed my life! I started medication and suddenly I could do homework and be interested in what was told in the class. My grades went up. That time, I passed. Medication for ADD helped me a lot but as time passed, anxiety wasn't really dealt with efficiently. So I graduated to grade 4. It was an   entirely new ground. I failed to graduate again and had to restart this again once more. I was mad at myself for being unable to function where I was asked to. Only music was there for me. At that point I choose to quit school for a while to really take the time to find myself through this and find the right recipe that would work for me. Since I left school, I decided to focus on things which I could be proud of, happy and functioning with less anxiety around me. Since, I am investing all my heart and energy on music trying to share my own work all around me with the conviction that when people find the thing they love, they go down this path and shine from their passion. If you're good at something, you should not be told by anyone to focus on a better thing to do. If someone shines through the expression of himself, it's only what's important.”

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