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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 06 - "Make Art Anyways"

by Zach Davidson

AMOYT IG 6 Zach.png

Creating in a time of isolation.

Zach Davidson is a director, actor, and teacher. He is the Founding Artistic Director of Coin & Ghost, with whom he has remixed Shakespeare, Greek tragedy, Italian romance, Mexican folklore, German legend, French opera, and American history. Recently, LA Weekly called the company’s work “uniquely entertaining” and “innovative in a few different ways.” As an arts administrator and creative consultant, Davidson has worked with non-profits throughout Los Angeles and around the country, including A Noise Within, Not Man Apart, Heidi Duckler Dance, Shakespeare Santa Monica, Conga Kids, The West Hollywood Dance Festival, Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre, Invertigo Dance Theatre, AdlerImprov and more. He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and is a graduate of the CalArts BFA Acting program. Instagram: @reeve.ghost 

Coin & Ghost is a Los Angeles-based company known for its imaginative remixing of known mythologies. The company defines mythology as “any set of stories that simultaneously SHAPES and IS SHAPED BY a culture.” So Traditional Greek and Roman myths count, sure, as do any culture’s creation myths. But when viewed through this lens, Shakespeare has a clear mythology to it, as do comic books, Tennessee Williams, and other folklore. C&G is dedicated to adventurous and accessible theatre. Their mission is to inspire empathy, imagination, and community through creative works and education programs rooted in cultural mythologies. Learn more at, or on social media @coinandghost.

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