Episode 63  - “Calling Upon Us”

by Jahcobie Cosomn

A piece created out of frustration.

A statement from Jahcobie: 

"Black bodies and lives have always needed to be of importance. I’m tired of going out into the world that we live in and being assaulted verbally. I’m tired of loving who I love and have my blackness challenged. I’m tired of explaining to others why my blackness counts. I hope that one day a true change will come but until then my work will focus on how I see the world and that includes the intersection of race, sexuality, and social media trends. 

This piece was created out of frustration and a call to action by white associates. I created this a month before the protest happened out of a feeling of grief, anger, and social media racial resistance."

Jahcobie Cosom is a writer, filmmaker, and educator born and raised in Boston, MA. 

Find more of Jahbobie: 

TW/FB/IG: @jahcoco

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