Episode 69 - “Overcoming: Fighting Cancer & Uncertainty” by Adam Pearce

It takes time. 

Adam Pearce is a freelance graphic designer, published columnist and budding voice over artist. He has dabbled in music production and worked as a background actor. Originally from England, he now resides in Edmonton, Alberta. His work is aimed towards positivity.

A statement from Adam:

"This piece was recorded during lockdown. It's a personal story I've always wanted to share. I needed something like this when I was worried and scared there was no hope left- I wish I knew there is no reason to rush the process and to take my time. I'm sharing this to inspire others trying to overcome difficult times, those who can't see an end in sight or they've lost hope. There will be better days and I think this fear is no more fitting for the time we are living in right now."

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