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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 71 - “Not Alone” by John Bobek

AMOYT IG 71 John.png
Ep 71 John Bobek photo credit photos_x_y

Photo Courtesy of Photos X Yves

A song of comfort. 

- Music and Lyrics by John Bobek -

John Bobek is a Los Angeles-based actor and singer/songwriter. He has been seen on the small screen (THE WEST WING, HAPPY ENDINGS, AMERICAN CRIME, and most recently on A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS), the big screen (WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, STOMPING GROUND) and on stage as a proud member of The Antaeus Company, Sacred Fools Theatre Company, and most recently in The Geffen Playhouse’s MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES. His music was most recently featured in the indie feature LIMERENCE, and his albums are available wherever digital music is sold or streamed. 

Find more of John: 

Instagram @jonbonjobek 

Twitter: @johnbobek 



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