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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 72 - “Ocean Waves of Rest”

by Nefertiti DiCosmo

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Ep 72 Nefertiti DiCosmo.jpg

Just breathe. 

Nefertiti DiCosmo is an actress and poet. She currently works as a life scientist for the government. She is based in Indiana. 

Find more of Nefertiti:


Instagram: @ndicosmo

Twitter: @nefe711

A Statement from Nefertiti:

"This piece was inspired by breath meditation. I was soothing myself to sleep with breath focus and I heard the ocean! It reminded me of how connected we are to nature. The physics of breath and ocean waves are analogous. Like most creatives, I need to ground myself in reality and remember that I am not just my thoughts. I have a body. I am alive. I breathe, therefore I am."

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