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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 08 - “Glitter and Smoke”

by Allie Costa

AMOYT IG 8 Allie (1).png

An explosion.

Allie was inspired to write Glitter and Smoke after seeing a photograph taken by Crissa-Jean Chappell. She's been thinking about the piece a lot lately, in this time of uncertainty, and she hopes it gives others hope.

Allie Costa is an actor, singer, screenwriter, playwright, and director working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. Her acting credits include 90210, Spring Awakening, You Me & Her, Alien vs. Musical, and The Bully Problem. Her scripts have been produced internationally, including the critically-acclaimed Two Girls, Femme Noir, Boxes Are Magic, and Mindstream. She’s also appeared in commercials, narrated audio books, and lent her voice to video games. Occasionally, she sleeps.

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