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A Moment of Your Time

Episode 87 - “To Grandmother's House”

by Agnes Chu

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Facing the wolf. 

Agnes Chu, private music teacher and a performing artist who toured in Asia and Europe, won “The Most Passionate Award” from PACE Los Angeles in 2015. Ms. Chu’s work has included singing and doing voiceovers for Emily Ting, Lloyd Schwartz, Barry Keenan, Trevor McShane, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. Ms. Chu has worked for Warner Brother’s motion picture and Walt Disney. She has also served as a music advisor for Walt Disney Book & Print English Department which gave her “The most innovative award”. Agnes is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Music Teacher Association of California.

Find more of Agnes:
Instagram: @music8808agnes

Agnes is excited to announce that her EP (Love Letter) is about to release on every platform worldwide in August 2020. She has been working on this album since 2013 with two incredible musicians Dan Weniger & Motoko Honda in writing/composing/orchestration and singing on this album (consist of art songs and musicals). It has been a long journey and an experience full of self discovery through heartbreaks, love and healing.




Created during a time of quarantine in the global Coronavirus pandemic, A Moment Of Your Time’s mission is to provide a space for expression, collaboration, community and solidarity. In this time of isolation, we may have to be apart but let’s create together. 

Concept by Jenny Curtis

Theme music by Chris Porter

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