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Episode 42 - Paul Bruno and

"The Original Jeeps"

Paul Bruno, author of "The Original Jeeps" and "The First Jeep" discusses the unlikely and exciting origins of a truly iconic car in American history, how it helped win World War 2, and how it evolved into the Jeep  we know today.

Following a brief introduction, Paul shares how a television show introduced him to a story that would change his live forever (2:33). Then Robert sets the stage for the pacifism in the US during the 30s and Paul explains the needs the Army had at the time (4:48) before the Jeep origin story pivots into a new phase with Bantam, Willys, and Ford vying to get the government contract despite unclear requirements from the Army (7:07). Despite an early victory by Bantam, both Willys and Ford continued to fight (12:05) with a major deciding factor being the final weight of the vehicle--a stat that remains unexact to this day (15:32).

After a short break, Robert notes that some of the original Jeeps are part of the National Registry maintained by the HVA and Paul shares what happened to the original makes and how all the designs were combined (18:36). Then Paul explains who eventually made the cars--and how the Army's thinking changed once the reality of war set in (22:48). Then Robert asks what happened after the war and how the jeeps became Jeeps (27:50), and Paul muses on sharing history and honoring the lives, sacrifices, and triumphs of the men and women who made America what it is today (31:35).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

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