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Ep 49 - Matthew Hranek and

"A Man & His Car"

Matthew Hranek, author of "A Man & His Car" (which features Robert Ross) and founder of The William Brown Project, discusses his book, the importance of car stories, and a few other aspects of the current state of luxury and style.

Robert begins by sharing the story of how he and Matthew met at the Inaugural Chantilly Concours and shared a deeper appreciation for art and luxury (1:05). Then Matthew shares his unconventional path to a men's style expert through photography (4:15), the founding of the William Brown Project (5:50), and the origins of his latest book, "A Man & His Car" (7:07). Then Matthew shares how and why watches and cars have so much overlap in those people who appreciate design and craftsmanship (10:47), before explaining why some innocuous cars are important because of the stories around them (13:55), and Matthew shares the behind the scenes from Alex Kraft's very unique Ferrari (16:57).


After a short break, Matthew shares some of his favorite cars and stories in the book (18:30) and what made the archival portions of his book so exciting (24:30). Then he shares how to make a perfect Martini (30:10), what three cars he'd love to have in his garage (33:14), and how you can check out The William Brown Project (34:43).

(Remember to use local bookstores to purchase his book!)

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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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