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Episode 57 - Bert Voet

and "Carchitecture: Houses with Horsepower"

Bert Voet, co-author of "Carchitecture: Houses with Horsepower," discuss the book, the relationship between cars and architecture, and the value of owning a car for a long time.


Following introductions, Robert asks Bert to reveal some details of how his book, Carchitecture: Houses with Horsepower,  came together (1:30). Then, Robert dives into some chapters, photographs, and cars that caught his attention, including 'Classical Gas' (4:03) and a rare BMW 502 called the 'Baroque Angel' (5:43). Bert and Robert muse on how the twentieth century had to adapt to the automobile (7:06) before turning the conversation towards French design in both cars and buildings (11:55). Then, Bert explains why Saab is considered 'the architect's car' (14:06).


After a short break, the two men discuss the book's chapter 'Brutal Power' (16:55), then switch focus to Frank Lloyd Wright's love of automobiles (21:14). Finally, Bert shares some of his favorite cars and fondness for people who have owned their cars for a very long time (25:44).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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