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Episode 58 -  with Eddie Sotto

and guest Robert Ross Pt. 1

Eddie Sotto is joined (virtually) by Robert Ross, Co-Founder of RossMadrid, noted automotive writer and podcast host, to discuss Robert's passion for cars, his expertise in the luxury market, and where he thinks luxury might go in the future.


Tune in next week to hear the second part of their conversation!

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After introducing Robert, Eddie asks Robert to detail where his passions originated in his childhood (2:43). Then Eddie and Robert consider the value and purpose of collections and how one approaches them (4:23) before finding out where his early interest in cars came from (7:46) and touching on Robert's art degree and how it ties into his overall passions (10:23).


After a short break, Eddie asks Robert to explain how he turned his artistic passions turned into employment and automotive writing (13:58). Then Robert explains what makes good automotive writing to him today (21:28), shares the unique approach of his company, RossMadrid (23:48), and then muses on the future of luxury (30:29).


Next week, we'll be releasing Part 2 of this conversation, where Robert explains his thoughts on the importance of automotive collecting!


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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