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Episode 63 - Jim Marietta, Ted Sutton, and the Original Venice Crew - Pt. 2

Jim Marietta and Ted Sutton, members of the Original Venice Crew, join to discuss their time working with Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, Peter Brock, and Phil Remington, and the purpose of their new company and the cars they seek to create and preserve.

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Image courtesy of OVC Mustangs

Robert picks up where they left off and Jim explains the origins of The Original Venice Crew and how their designs came directly from the original designers and drivers (0:33). Then Jim shares the continuation cars the OVC are making today and how uniquely qualified their team truly is (7:44). 

After a short break, Jim talks about the process of restoring cars into quality 'art pieces' (9:52). Then Robert asks what designs weren't able to be developed until the OVC came along (12:39) and Jim explains the different purpose of OVC continuation cars over many other OEMs (17:07). Then, Jim, Ted, and Robert discuss the 'nuts and bolts' of the engine (21:44) and Jim shares why and how the OVC produces clothing and designer apparel (25:30).

Listen to Part 1 to hear more about the Original Venice Crew!


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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