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Episode 65 - Mark Allen and Jeep

Mark Allen, Director Head of Design at Jeep, discusses the significance of the Jeep brand in America, the new line up of 2021 models, and what Jeep might look like in the future.

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After introductions, Robert asks Mark to delve into the origins of Jeep as a brand and how it was 'sold' to Americans following WWII (1:07). Then, Mark drills down into how Jeep upholds the 'authentic' reputation it's had since its creation (3:35), how new designs must pay tribute to its past (6:52), and how the brand new 2021 Wagoneer continues that tradition (13:13).

After a short break, Mark shares how Bronco's competition could expand Jeep's consumer base (17:34) and Robert asks for Mark's opinions on where Jeep is going in the future (22:28). Then, Robert has Mark explain the origins of the Jeep Gladiator (25:55). Then, Robert digs into the interesting colors of Jeep (28:12) and Mark explains how his career led him to Jeep (31:02)

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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

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