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Episode 67 - Marlon Goldberg and Workshop 5001

Marlon Goldberg, owner and founder of Workshop 5001, joins the show to discuss Porsche and specialty car restorations. He also talks about  the precision details that go into honoring the legacy of Porsche, and how the Porsche community has changed in recent years.


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After introducing Marlon, Robert asks about the origins and goals of the company (1:26) before diving into some specific models Robert had seen in Marlon's workshop (6:41). Then, the two men dig into the details of the engines and how Marlon approaches his work on those parts of the automobiles (13:22). 

After a short break, Robert asks Marlon to explain the torque and suspension in Marlon's latest Porsche update (18:58). Robert praises Marlon's beautiful and unique interiors (21:32), and then Marlon dissects exactly what makes Workshop 5001's take on cars original and honorific of the original vehicles (25:23). Lastly, Robert and Marlon share their thoughts on the current Porsche community (30:24) before wrapping up with Marlon's opinion on the electrification of Porsches (34:02).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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