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Episode 70 - "Le Mans" (1971) 50th Anniversary with Derek Bell, Marshall Terrill, and Jay Gillotti

Derek Bell (5-time Winner of Le Mans and stunt driver for Steve McQueen), Marshall Terrill (author of six books covering the life and career of Steve McQueen), and Jay Gillotti (Porsche author and expert), discuss the filme "Le Mans", it's impact on Porsche, and how it challenged the Hollywood system.


After Robert introduces the panel of guests, Robert asks Derek to describe what it was really like to drive in Le Mans in the 1970s (3:20). Then Marshall explains how the film came to be (6:15) and Jay dives into the intertwined histories of the movies and the 917 (7:17). Then Robert puts the conversation into high gear by asking what making the movie was actually like (8:41).

Then Robert asks what Steve McQueen was like as a person (13:14), the parallels to reality in the film (19:05), and Derek shares the times when the film got a little 'too real' (21:16). Lastly, Robert brings up the product placement prevalent in the film (25:07), Marshall shares the impact the movie had on McQueen (30:53), and then the guests consider the impact the film had on car culture as a whole. 


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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