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Episode 14 - Brandon Starks and The Brumos Collection

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Robert Ross is joined (online) by Brandon Starks, Executive Director of the Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, FL. Robert and Brandon talk about the unique history behind the cars of the collection, talk about the collection's unique approach to sharing its story with visitors, and what cars they want in their own personal collections.

Recorded over the internet, Robert Ross talks with Brandon Starks about the Brumos Collection. First they cover the history of the building itself (1:09) and the how the collection began with one of its first owners, Peter Gregg (2:50). After reviewing his life, they shift gears into discussing how Gregg's paths ultimately crossed with Hurley Haywood (6:10). They then refocus on the collection itself to review The Burmos Collection's purpose and drive (9:19) before reviewing the specific cars in the collection like: a 917K (17:51), a 908 (22:10), a 917/10 (22:56), a 1979 935 (26:47), an Porsche 911 RSR (27:59), and both an 1894 and 1914 Peugeot (29:16). They conclude by talking about the thread that ties The Brumos Collection to its visitors (34:35).

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