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Episode 15 - Ryan ZumMallen

Ryan ZumMallen

[Recorded March 12, 2019 prior to the Safer-At-Home Ordinance.] Robert Ross is joined by Ryan ZumMallen, author of 'Slow Car Fast.' Robert and Ryan talk about the current generation of car enthusiasts and the future of automobile collecting.

Robert Ross is joined by Ryan ZumMallen to talk about his book, 'Slow Car Fast.' They begin by discussing the nature of automotive writing and the inspirations behind Ryan's book (1:09). They then take a moment to meditate on a question raised in the book: "Does fast matter?" (6:08) Continuing through the book, they question the relevance of 0-60 in comparison to performance (11:43). After dissecting automotive 'trends' (15:05), they then dive straight into Porsche! Then they discuss Ryan's personal history with cars (21:37), the 'Millennial Myth' (24:02), and the BMW 330 M3 (29:18). They move on to debate the importance of automobile size, weight, and design (31:52). After reviewing the role that social media now has on automotive collecting (34:03), Robert and Ryan conclude by talking about how to get people interested in cars (37:42). 



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