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Episode 16 - Eddie Sotto of Sotto Studios: Part 1

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Eddie Sotto of Sotto Studios an experiential designer with an expertise in automobiles and luxury, shares his experiences and ideas of care design, immersive experiences and what prompted his early fascination with cars.

Robert Ross and Eddie Sotto begin by talking about their early memories of cars--such as Disneyland's Autopia and Eddie's early 'Bond' toys (1:50), before Eddie expounds on what exactly an immersive experience is to him (5:10). Eddie discusses effective experiential design (8:13), his time spent designing a new Main Street for Disney (10:53), and then muses on the future of car design (13:06). Robert transitions into talking about the founding of SottoStudios in 20014 (22:36) with special project for Aston Martin. After a break, they discuss Eddie's work with Ferrari (32:26) before moving into the auditory experiences Eddie works with (37:11). Before wrapping up this part of the conversation, Robert and Eddie talk about SottoStudios' foray into the private jet industry with Skyacht and Sky Ranch(38:38). Come back for the next episode as the two men wrap up their conversation.

Additional music samples provided by Eddie Sotto

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