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Episode 17 - Eddie Sotto of Sotto Studios - Part 2

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Robert Ross continues his (online) conversation with Eddie Sotto of Sotto Studios, an experiential designer with an expertise in automobiles and luxury.

Robert Ross and Eddie Sotto jump right back into their discussion by delving into Eddie's Rolls Royce car design meant to accompany the Skyacht, the Regatta(0:33) and then detour into Eddie's time with Ed Roth (4:50). Then Robert introduces Eddie's concept of "Form Follows Fantastic!" and asks him to elaborate (8:18). Then they shift gears to talk about the cars that Eddie's owned and admired (14:04). After looking to the past, the two men consider the future--specifically what's next for Eddie (21:18), then pivot to discussing luxury interior and furniture design and Fornasetti's aesthetic (24:04), the 'feel of the ride' (29:50), and Eddie's trademarked equation: 'Fear-Death=Fun' (33:27). 

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