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Episode 18 - Terry Karges and The Petersen Automotive Museum

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Images courtesy of The Petersen Automotive Musem

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Terry Karges, Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum, for a conversation about the Petersen Automotive Museum, the museum's history, re-design, and future, including the preeminent 'Vault', how the public can access the museum's offerings during quarantine, and their own personal love for all things Cars.

Robert Ross and Terry Karges begin their conversation by discussing the history of the Petersen Automotive Museum (1:26), the incredible people whose collective vision changed the museum to its present iconic build (5:40), and the museum's incredible collection (7:31). Then the two men turn their attention toward 'The Vault' (10:40) and then the process that led them to the museum's redesign (15:00). After a quick break, Terry digs into what it takes to be a curator at the Petersen (18:48), their remote studio for Art Center (20:38), and how the museum is making strides to engage younger car enthusiasts (23:18). Then Robert asks Terry how the public can access the wealth of information at the Museum during quarantine (28:05). They wrap things up by talking about Terry's own story with cars (32:10) and what three cars he still wants in his garage (38:27). 

Learn more: The Petersen Automotive Museum

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