Episode 19 - Chris Theodore and

'The Last Shelby Cobra'

Chris Theodore, author of 'The Last Shelby Cobra: My Time With Carroll Shelby', discusses his book and his own very involved history with cars and his work with the people who created them.

After a brief introduction, Robert dives into the subject of Chris' book (1:10) and the years after Shelby's infamous Les Mans race with Ford (4:08). Chris details the development of the Shelby Cobra after began working at Ford (7:13) before explaining the approach to modernizing the Daytona in the Gr.1 (10:49). Chris then relates some insights into what 'could have been' at the Ford company if the recession hadn't happened (13:25) and reminisces on the man, Carroll Shelby and what led him to write the book (14:33). After a short break, Robert asks Chris to talk about Shelby cars that may have been lost to time, like the Series 1 (19:28), then consider how history will look back on Shelby's legacy and the future of race cars and racing (23:53). The two men reflect on 'The Golden Age of Racing' (27:00) before closing the discussion on cars that inspire Chris, the contents of his garage, and the cars he'd love to own someday (30:32).

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