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Episode 24 - Andrew Romanowski and Lamborghini Club America

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Images Courtesy of Lamborghini Club America/Andrew Romanowski

Calling all Lamborghini lovers! Andrew Romanowski, President of Lamborghini Club America, shares his passion and the history and future of this iconic brand and what made it the marque it is today!

Robert and Andrew begin the conversation by discussing the purpose and origins of Lamborghini Club America (0:38) before diving into Andrew's personal history with the club (4:58) and how the club is organized and the unique benefits it provides for its members (9:25). After discussing how Andrew first began his passion Miuras (14:40) they get into the history of Lamborghini and people who made it the marque it is today (19:19). They then spend some time discussing the LCA magazine, "La Vita," and the events the club sponsors (24:14), then move onto the Urus and the overall rarity of Lamborghini sports cars (28:34). After a quick break, Andrew shares some advice to new Lamborghini owners (33:34). Then Andrew turns the tables on Robert and asks about Robert's history with Lamborghini (37:41) and Robert concludes by asking his favorite 'any three cars' question (41:52).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineering: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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