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Episode 29 - Jay Beever, Embraer, and Designing Luxury Pt. 1

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Images courtesy of Jay Beever / Embraer 

Jay Beever, Vice President Embraer Design Operations, joins Robert Ross (online) to discuss the what luxury truly means, how 'crossover design' in commerce can result in a better product, and what the future of luxury might be in this first part of a two part episode.

After a brief introduction and some shared memories about previous guest, Eddie Sotto, Jay and Robert focus in on how to define luxury and how that manifests itself in both the automotive and aerospace industries (1:50), then Jay explains how Eddie was key to connecting Robert and Jay by way of creating the Skyacht One (5:30), crafting the meticulous 'narrative' to showcase the Skyranch One (9:16), and how exactly the Kyoto Airship directly impacted the design of the Skyranch (10:05). 

After a short break, Jay explains the thought process behind his futuristic transportation concept called 'Pulse' and 'owning space' (16:21) and the ultimate question of 'Who should build the first flying car?' (21:05) Then, Robert turns the tables and asks Jay to discuss some cars that have been a particularly large inspiration (24:04). Finally, Jay explains how all of his design experience unexpectedly came full circle in designing an office desk chair--and how that might be a portent of things to come (28:52). But the two have more to discuss, so check out the second half of the conversation next week!



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Hosted by: Robert Ross

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