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Episode 30 - Jay Beever, Embraer, and Designing Luxury Pt. 2


Images courtesy of Jay Beever / Embraer 

Jay Beever, Vice President Embraer Design Operations, continues his conversation with Robert Ross (online) to finish their discussion about designing luxury and how Jay's past of designing with Ford Motor Company led to his specialty in designing private jets.  

Jay and Robert get right into things by reviewing Jay's earliest memories of cars (1:05) and how his unique education led him to Ford (3:57). Then Robert pivots to discuss the fifteen years that Jay spent working for Ford Motor Company and how the company's ethos continues to set the bar for other companies (5:45), an ethos that Jay was excited to discover with Embraer (8:28).

After a short break, Robert asks Jay to detail his process for brining automotive interior design to private jets, first at Gulf Stream and then at Embraer (13:32). Then Jay explains how Embraer started the private jet design revolution by hiring BMW DesignWorks and the importance of cross-industry development even when it's all brought in-house (18:30). Finally, Robert asks Jay to detail some of this best designs that were never actually made (24:33) before concluding with some musings from Jay on the importance of employers giving employees more creative freedom to realize untapped potential (29:35).

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