Episode 31 - Curtis Saunders and his 1914 Model T

Images courtesy of Dr. Curtis Saunders

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Curtis Saunders about his 1914 Model T. The two discuss the impact of the car in automotive history, what Curtis had to do to restore it, and what future automotive developments might be as important as the Model T--all while sharing some fascinating personal stories along the way.

Robert and Curtis begin by considering why the Model T is important in history--and why it's important to themselves (1:16), as well as how the 'assembly line' revolutionized industry around the world (2:50). Then Robert asks Curtis to detail the cars specs (4:42) before 'taking us for a drive' (6:42) and talking about what exactly the car is capable of (9:14). Right before a break, the consider how creating the auto industry necessitated the gasoline industry and how some of the quirks of the car foreshadowed modern developments in the industry (10:34).

Then Robert asks Curtis to detail his own history with his Model T (13:37) and how he approached resoring it (15:31). This naturally leads to Curtis sharing some personal memories and Robert recounting the importance of 'living history' (16:30). Robert pivots to ask about the Model T community (18:07). Then Curtis shares one of his favorite memories of taking the car to a 'drive thru' zoo (20:08). Robert asks Curtis to open up his garage and share what other cars he's collected and is restoring (22:03). And lastly, Robert asks Cutis to give advice in starting your car collection (26:23) before Robert and Curtis consider if any modern-day cars will be as impactful on history as the Model T (27:36).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineering: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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