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Episode 32 - Jay Gillotti and "Gulf 917"

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Images courtesy of Jay Gillotti

Robert Ross is joined by Jay Gillotti, author of "Gulf 917." The two men cover in great detail not only the Gulf program, as operated by Porsche, but consider the impact the car had on history, car enthusiasts, and how to approach writing a book about cars in the first place.

After some brief introductions and conversation, Robert dives into "Gulf 917" and asks Jay to explain his love affair with the car and why it's such an important car--which has some interesting ties to Steve McQueen...(1:52) Then, Jay explains how the car series changed 'the game' in unexpected ways due to continuously changing 'rules' (6:14) before Robert asks for a quick rundown on what a '917' car is and why the Gulf is special (8:47). Then Jay explains exactly how the Gulf 917 came about (13:07), and why chronicling all 14 chassis was important (18:39). Before a short break, Robert asks how it was that Gulf became involved on the venture (20:41).

Then Robert asks Jay to discuss some of the drivers of the cars--many of whom Jay befriended while writing his book (24:49), then Jay talks about the community of Porsche enthusiasts he engages with on Facebook and how they are a source of information (29:15), and Robert pivots the discussion to share how one of the chassis went to auction at Gooding & Company for a record-breaking amount (30:56). Then Robert asks Jay about how he actually went about writing this book (35:32), some of his discoveries in the writing process (39:36), and his involvement with the rescheduled Pebble Beach events that were meant to showcase the Gulf 917s (42:18).


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

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