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Episode 34 - Pete Evanow and "Nissan Z: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance"

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Image courtesy of Pete Evanow / Book Cover Credit: Amazon

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Pete Evanow, author of the book "Nissan Z: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance" to discuss Z history, the impact the six generations of the Z-Car had on the automotive industry, and what the future might look like in the collectible market

After introducing Pete, Robert shares his thoughts on Pete's book, "Nissan Z," and Pete shares how the book came to be (1:01). Then Robert rewinds and asks Pete to go back and look at the origins of the Z legacy (2:34) before Robert asks Pete to talk in in more detail about Yutaka Katayama, father of the Z-Car (5:09), and then Pete explains why Datsun rebranded as Nissan (6:39). The two men then discuss how the release of the 240Z 'changed the game' for Nissan (7:11) and Pete details the designers who created the automobile (9:18). Pete then shares some of the racing history of the Z-Cars, including how P.L. Newman brought credibility to the make (10:21), and then they both review the model numbers that brought the car to present day (12:56). Before a short break, Pete shares about his time working for Nissan when the company partnered with Renault (14:33).

Then Robert asks Pete to talk about the GTR (16:55), before discussing the more recent Z-Car models (18:12) and considering what the future might hold for the next Z-Cars (21:00). Then Robert turns the conversation towards the collector market (22:16). Then Robert asks Pete what cars he has in his own garage (28:42) before concluding the show with Pete giving some insight into his own inspiration in life (31:05).

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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineering: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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