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Episode 37 - Frank Mandarano and

a Tour of Italian Cars


Images courtesy of Frank Mandarano 

Frank Mandarano, founder of the Concorso Italiano and event organizer for the Car Guy Tour Italia, returns for part two of a two-part conversation to discuss his love of Italian cars, the role he has played in celebrating their originality, and the ways in which you can have first-hand interaction with those automobiles.

Robert re-introduces Frank to the listeners and then asks for Frank to share his 'second' trip to Italy and the people he met there--a menagerie of stars in the world of Italian car design and manufacturing (1:25). After a quick break, Robert asks Frank to discuss the other car designers he met beyond Maserati's (11:25), then Frank pivots into the origins and impact of the Concorso Italiano (13:12).

Robert asks Frank about the other Italian car factories he got to know (22:23), before Frank shares some insights into purchasing conversion (or 'cut') Ferraris (24:22) and then sharing the origins and impact of his Car Guy Tour Italia (28:46).


Learn more about Frank:

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(Due to some technical difficulties, there are some audio glitches at certain points in the recording that could not be removed. The quality improves throughout.)


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Hosted by: Robert Ross

Produced & Edited by: Chris Porter

Sound Engineering: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music By: Celleste and Eric Dick

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